Glutamine Product Guide

You are probably reading this guide because you are wondering if glutamine will work for you. If it will be of any benefit to you. So really you have a problem that needs a solution. The goal of this guide will be to determine, based on the results you are seeking, if your money will be best spent on glutamine or on another product. So first you need to know what results you are seeking from possibly taking glutamine. What do you want from it? Once you have that in your head, we must answer the following question…

What will glutamine do for you?

There’s nothing fancy about glutamine. It’s not a miracle supplement (there's no such thing) and using it won’t bring results overnight (again, no such thing). With that said, it really is a tremendous supplement with one major benefit that we all need. It's this: glutamine will help maintain your muscle. Glutamine prevents your muscle from being eaten away by catabolic effects. You don't have to persuade anyone that to preserve the muscle you've worked so hard to acquire is a big deal. First you acquire, then you preserve. Two very important factors. Next question we have is…

Prolab Voted Best Glutamine Does science support glutamine?

In all my product guides I've been completely honest and I've built up a level of trust with many you that I don't take for granted. For me it's easy… glutamine works. And I know many of you would take my word on that. But there is science to back it up.

Let's start at the beginning. Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in muscle tissue. Studies have shown glutamine supplementation can prevent up to 70% of the muscle lost as the result of cortisol in the body (American Journal of Physiology 33:E 912-E917, 1996). Cortisol, as some of you may know, is a catabolic hormone that is often responsible for muscle tissue breakdown. Catabolic is in many ways the opposite of anabolic.

Something that is anabolic helps build muscle tissue; something that's catabolic breaks down muscle tissue. Cortisol is catabolic. So it's important for people interested in developing and maintaining muscle mass to keep their cortisol levels in check. That's where glutamine comes in. So the final question to ask is…

Which brand of glutamine should you use?

With over twenty different choices, which one should you go with? Really, they are all the same. Every manufacturer gets their raw product from the same few factories. It’s a level playing field. Then it’s up to the marketing folks to try and convince us of the benefit of their product over the others. I think the question of which product to buy is an economical one. That is, which product will 1) last the longest and 2) be the least expensive per serving. Check out the comparison chart below of the top glutamine brands:

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